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Elite Spiral Fire Escape Stairs are available for most building situations both internal and external and can be installed to fit almost any height and type of building. Your Fire Escape will meet all UK Building and Fire Regulations and will be durable and customisable to fit your situation. They can be fitted to a range of buildings including schools, shops, hotels industrial units and commercial buildings. The Elite trained team will fit your Fire Escape on site and make any final adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

Choose your
Fire Escape Design

Choose from our range of fire escapes. You can choose the balustrade, stair treads and finish. The fire escape that you choose will be safe and comply with all the relevant regulations.

Send us your Fire
Escape Requirements

If you are not sure which type or design of fire escape to choose then send us your requirements and we will advise. For example the number of treads is determined by the floor to floor height and each tread must have the same riser height.

We will offer help and advice on all aspects of your Fire Escape including BS 5395-2 so that you can be sure it will be the right one for your building and ground plan.

All our Fire Escapes are manufactured in our premises in Warwickshire which is centrally located for most parts of the UK.

This means that we have full control over the build process and quality of the Fire Escapes and can keep lead time to a minimum.

Steel is used for the construction of your Fire Escape and landings whether that is for internal or external use. Tread, balustrade and handrail are also manufactured from steel but you can choose for a range of designs.

Your Fire Escape can be constructed to run clockwise or anti-clockwise and include intermediate landings. Also if you require the Escape to be set away from the building we can incorporate that into the design.

A range of finishes are available and we will advise you about these at design time.